Is it shameful to have a mental health challenge?

logosIs it shameful to have a mental health challenge? I don’t think so. Mental illness isn’t a choice that we make for ourselves, is it? We all know that every day may not be a good day BUT, there is something good in every day IF we search for it.

There is a clear contrast between dealing with a physical injury as opposed to a psychological one. An acquaintance broke her leg, and even though it came with psychological distress, anxiety and some fear, there was no shame when telling others about it. No – not a single drop of shame. She knew that her co-workers and friends would comment and maybe warn her to be more careful  in  the future, but she was quite sure that nobody would tell her that her leg injury was her fault. She had a bad fracture and that’s all. She felt neither abnormal nor ashamed of having a broken leg. She did not feel inadequate nor did she feel that she had an inherent problem. She reveled  in the encouragement and positive support she received from people around her. They all showed care and concern in one way or another.

People simply identify with physical injuries more easily.

It’s harder to know what to say when mental illness is the problem.

Let’s stop the blame, shame, stigma and discrimination N O W.

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2 thoughts on “Is it shameful to have a mental health challenge?

  1. Marie Abanga

    Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    I don’t think it is shameful, hence my decision to write and talk about my mental challenges so openly and freely. It ain’t easy to get to this stage though, and it’s a challenge in itself to be steadfast to the decision especially when you don’t see or feel any impact of your advocacy. But, we can’t give up our fight against stigma and shame still so alarming in all corners! Thank you granny for this!

  2. Laiyla Lane

    Reblogged this on The Random Ramblings of Laiyla Lane and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more!
    None of us choose to have mental health issues. We shouldn’t be embarrassed about them and we shouldn’t be looked at like freaks for having them.
    They are not a sign of weakness or that you are nuts ( all the time 😉) they are medically recognised Illnesses.
    Let’s fight the stigma!


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