words, words, words … WORDS MATTER

scrabble images 1Speak kindly to a person in trouble. Every word matters. Hurtful words damage. Beware of telling someone what they want to hear.  Make eye contact with all people you meet and watch out for body language too. Accentuating a gesture adds truth to what you are saying. Making physical contact is so very important when talking to someone who is ill and/or very upset. When talking to a psychologist or a psychiatrist in a psychiatric hospital when trying in vain to help my son, I so wished that someone, even a social worker, would put her hand on my arm – which would have been so comforting.

It helped when someone smiled at me to let their faces show what they were thinking. I found the tones of their voices of the utmost importance too. There are people who are extremely sensitive to raised voices but that could be due to their cultural backgrounds. It is not sufficient to look at someone in trouble and give them the feeling that you are listening. REALLY  listening and absorbing is what counts. And, last but not least – what we say is important, but of even more importance, is how we say it.

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2 thoughts on “words, words, words … WORDS MATTER

  1. Elaine

    You are so right, a smile, a kind word, a touch on the shoulder – just top show care and empathy can make such a difference when faced with a difficult situation.

  2. Greet Grief

    You are so right! Those of us who are truly gifted at listening convey it through our body language, our gestures and our responses. I think those who are perceptive can see right through those who are faking it!! I also agree that a stroking of the arm, or a holding of a hand can mean so much!!


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