More tips learned along the way …

Get involved


  • When living with a person who has a mental illness, keep your sense of humor as it’s of the utmost importance.
  • I had to revise my expectations and forget about seeing my son graduate from the university, or become a husband or a father.
  • I remember the time when I had to acknowledge the remarkable courage shown by my son when dealing with his mental illness. Of course there were times when he felt despondent and even desperate.
  • Even though I knew that it was not a good idea, there were times when I felt I had to shut down my emotional life.
  • Mental illness causes a family’s emotional relationships to fall into disarray.
  • Relatives closest to our son found themselves becoming emotionally enmeshed with him while those more distant, tended to become estranged.

                                                                                                                                                                                               speak out


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