What S C H I Z O P H R E N I A did to me

    S C H I Z O P H R E N I A  AND ME 



white flowers 4

Schizophrenia cost our family a whole lot of money. We made use of the medical system but far too often, needed to visit psychiatrists on a private basis.

Schizophrenia sidetracked my career.

Schizophrenia left me feeling helpless.

Schizophrenia separated me from many good friends.

Scizophrenia caused us to drift away from other friends.

We were too tired to make arrangements and do much more than flop into bed at night.

Schizophrenia stole away the innocence of our daughters’ childhood.

Schizophrenia did not allow us to buy what was needed for the rest of us. My late husband and myself felt deprived at times too, but minded much less.

My son disappeared into psychosis and no longer resembled the person I’d loved so dearly.                                                                                   





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