Take one day at a time



support groupOUR SUPPORT GROUP – my life saver.


Having a mental illness in my family taught me all about the various emotions parents experience when they discover how severe the repercussions of schizoophrenia are for a family. Each one of us mourned for our son whose life had changed so much: We experienced shock, loss, grief, fear, confusion, ambivalence, guilt helplessness, despair, sadness and hopelessness. I realized that most of my problems coping with my feelings came from doing so without the added comfort of extended family and close friends. But, how could they possibly grasp the enormity of our problem if it had taken us so long to understand it? Some never did.

Over and over I asked the same question: ‘How can I avoid regretting my hopes and dreams that have become so unrealistic?’ One of the replies I received was: ‘ Don’t wait for your son to fulfill  your former expectations. Alter them. Learn to forge new dreams. Take one day at a time.’ And, of all the advice I have ever received – Take one day at a time, proved to be the most helpful.

Take one day at a time.

                   Take one day at a time.  

Take one day at a time.


2 thoughts on “Take one day at a time

  1. Sara Jacobovici

    Right on Jill! I would just like to add that it takes courage to take it one day at a time. The reason I think courage is involved is because it is easier to go into denial or disassociate or escape the reality of a family member’s mental health illness. Taking it one day at a time means you’re at a certain level of acceptance, aware, focused and prepared.


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