They avoid studying psychiatry

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I have written a great deal about the stigma associated with mental illness but I want to add that it actually invades the attitude of health care professionals in spite of their medical education. In fact, some psychiatrists actually reflect the prejudice of the public they are serving by helping to perpetuate stigma. This very STIGMA associated with mental illness, actually steers medical students away from studying psychiatry. Isn’t that a shame?

There is barely a day when someone who has read my blog doesn’t call to ask a question or e-mail me asking whether I can advise them. My reply?   I cannot give advice as I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. All I can do is tell you what I would have done in the same position when my son was so ill, OR, what I would have done today with the hindsight I have gained.  Make an appointment to speak to a psychiatrist.

And then I am told that there are fewer psychiatrists. One explanation is because psychiatry is the most indefinite part of medicine today. Another is, because they don’t have a single definitive test that can be done to determine the prognosis.




3 thoughts on “They avoid studying psychiatry

  1. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    More and more psychiatrist are becoming ‘cash and carry businesses’ in the US. This makes parity almost impossible to obtain. The director of The World Health Organization has said the stigma medical providers have against those with mental disorders is at epidemic proportions and is causing those with a disorder a decade or more of their life expectancy.

  2. suzjones

    I am sorry that people aren’t studying psychiatry but I do wonder at the attitude of some of those who still practice (and really shouldn’t).
    After my son’s attempted suicide I spoke with the treating psych (who had known him for less than 48 hours) who told me that he was bi-polar. I questioned this and asked how she had drawn this conclusion when I truly believed that he was suffering severe depression and anxiety. Her answer? He knows that he has much in his life that is good so it can’t be depression.
    Thankfully, he has since been reassessed and the medication that he has been on (which I’ve not been happy about) is being phased out and he is now being treated for severe depression and anxiety. I’m not qualified at all but I do know depression.
    And I have ranted and rambled. Sorry Jill.
    I do hope you are well and happy. 🙂


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