Thoughts can take on a life of their own


The following thoughts can take on a life of their own, twisting through memories to find even more evidence of why they are true, pushing further into one’s sadness and consolidating one’s commitment to even more isolation.

Here are examples of how someone can feel:-


I mess up everything I touch.

I can’t do anything right.

I can’t trust anybody.

I hurt people.

Everyone hurts me.

I am worthless.

I am unlovable.

Nobody wants me.

Everybody leaves me.


Does any of this sound familiar? IF you feel this way, visit a friend or relative.

If you feel this way, try to change your thoughts and reach out to someone familiar – anyone.

Do you think that this might make you feel worse? Well, it might even make you feel better.

You don’t have to tell the relative how you are feeling, but, talking about anything, will probably help somewhat. Try to get rid of the thoughts in your head.

This might have even worked for you in the past, so — try it again.

Don’t delay.


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