The Trap by Doron

While my late son was extremely ill, he wrote the following:-

There’s no way out.

The exit is blocked.

The chance of winning is

One in a million.

It’s a deathtrap,

A trap planted with military precision.

Microphones everywhere,

I pray for peace of  mind.


His real name is Doron



2 thoughts on “The Trap by Doron

  1. mike7sedona

    David or Doron, he made his point as he seems to have had a foreboding of the inevitable. His keen observation amidst all that pain and suffering is quite unusal for a person of his disposition, and hence, uncanny. Perhaps when the end is near, one’s soul communicates with the earthly entity bestowing an all-knowing serenity out of which comes the words of revelation! May his soul rest in peace!


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