Battered, Tattered, but not Shattered ….




Questions, questions and yet more questions were asked:-


Tell me how it happened…how, without warning on a typical day, when the morning was filled with possibility, everything you loved, shattered like glass. Tell me how you stopped your world from unraveling. Tell me how you began slowly, methodically, to gather the scattered pieces of your life, scrap the rubble, then build your life anew.’

My reply; “I was battered, tattered but not shattered.”

But tell me how.”

“All because of the unconditional love of my family.”






2 thoughts on “Battered, Tattered, but not Shattered ….

  1. Marie Abanga

    Dear granny, surely that unconditional love, and your Faith in Life amidst all the disappointments. I am so proud we both have those lines as the titles of our works. I promise you a signed copy of soon to be published book right there in your mail box. Love, Marie


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