E.C.T. stands for Electro Convulsive Therapyo

ECT is recommended when treating severe depression, and in certain cases for schizophrenia in combination with neuroleptic drugs. Over the years, this treatment has been controversial but psychiatrists in general feel that it can speed improvement where schizophrenia is concerned.

ECT conjures up furightening images as the public’s perception of this treatment comes from movies alone. People believe that  ECT is dangerous and can cause brain damage.

iAccording to NAMI, the American Mental Health Association, 1.1% of the adult population in the USA live with schizophrenia. So it is not a rare illness.

After extensive research on the subject when my son’s doctors suggested that he undergo ECT,m as all other treatments failed to help his paranoid schizophrenia, we eventually agreed, and rather reluctantly, signed the form put before us and were told that the following day our son would undergo ECT. When we arrived at the hospital, we found our son in a state of extreme unrest and upset. “Mom, Dad, the world has gone crazy,” he shouted. ” My doctor wants me to sign a form giving him permission to  administer ECT. I won’t agree, do you hear me? Not now! Not ever!” And that was that. To this day we have never understood how a person as ill as Doron was, could be asked to sign such an important, maybe even life-saving document. Maybe things  have changed since then. If so, I would like to know more about it.




3 thoughts on “E.C.T. stands for Electro Convulsive Therapyo

  1. June Judge

    Hello, My family had some of our experience with ECT..put into the book “Shock” written by Kitty Dukakis. It is a safe procedure . Get the book!

  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    ECT is the worst decision we made regarding Tom’s treatment. You’ll find our story on my blog in 2 consecutive blogs. Tom lost 55 years of his memory and it has never returned. He had the ECT in 2000! I hope I have the links correct. https://sheridegrom.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/aftermath-of-memory-loss. You’ll find 2 blogs. I only have the link written down for the one. They appear consecutively. I hope this helps.


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