The Daffodil Principle


Can one person make a difference? Yes, I think it’s possible, especially after reading the story behind ‘The Daffodil Principle.’field-yellow-daffodils-april-9008645 One woman, her two hands and one daffodil bulb at a time, did this! Every year, in the San Bernadino Mountain Range in Southern California, 5 acres of beautiful daffodils burst into bloom. This daffodil garden was planted by one person, one bulb at a time over a period of 35 years. This woman, due to her determination, made a HUGE difference; an amazing contribution to the quality of life in her area, adding to the beauty of the place.

 Click on the link to see the daffodil field and read the story;


5 thoughts on “The Daffodil Principle

  1. Elana Movshovits

    Jill, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article. It’s an inspiration emphasizing patience,
    diligence , steadfastness and faith in the little things we do that in time can make a real difference.


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