Will she still love me when she finds out?

school notebook 1Will I ever have a girlfriend? I am so depressed, unable to even extend the hand of friendship. The social worker tells me the benefits of socializing rather than sitting alone at home listening to music. It’s lonely, yes, but better than having to face people at work. But, maybe she’s right. When I have the guts to talk about my mental illness, will people stand by me? One of their feelings on this subject is probably fear … you know what I mean? Can a person who has not been mentally challenged really understand me – understand what I feel, what I do, how I pass the time? And, if I ever have a serious relationship with a woman, when will it be the right time to tell my her that I am not well … that sometimes I have good periods, but most of the time my meds don’t help banish the voices that clamor and vie with one another to get my attention. Will she love me when she finds out? All I want out of life is an interesting job, a woman to love, and peace of mind.

  • Unfortunately, my son Doron, never lived to see that day. We found many poems and a great deal of writing in his notebook after he died. That was many years ago. I wrote an honest account of our story in my book entitled ‘David’s Story by Jill Sadowsky’ which can be found on the Amazon Kindle Store or on Smash Words.

1 thought on “Will she still love me when she finds out?

  1. Sara Jacobovici

    Dear Jill, you’re son’s talent and ability to put his thoughts and feelings down in writing and poetry is a tremendous gift to us all. And you continue to enrich us through your own.


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