My Markers

colored markers 1

We can learn a whole lot from markers. Yes, the colored markers that we all use from a very young age. Some are thin, others are fat, some are dull, others are bright. Some are light, while others are dark, some work well while others don’t. There are colored markers that have unusual names like cerulean and ochre, yet … they all live peacefully together in the same pencil case.

When it comes to mental illness, let’s all take a tip from these markers and accept everyone even if they are different from the rest of us. Let’s behave toward a person with a mental illness the way we treat someone with a physical illness. Let’s be helpful to those who need help, and most of all, let’s drop the word STIGMA.

stigma 6


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About Jill

Author of books and articles on support and experiences of living with a mentally ill family member. My aim in blogging is to let others see how a loving family, with a father and husband who is able to give unconditional love, can help the family cope. Many call me the blogging grandma.'

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