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They enter stealthily in the dead of night ….. David’s poems

a robber B
They enter stealthily in the dead of night. The storm inside of me turns to fear.
What do they want from a pauper?
Peace, peace, peace. I pray for peace of mind.

We’ve tried to help you
My doctors claim.
But they set a trap for me.
I fell into the  bottomless pit
That they dug for me.

Each day is a military operation.
Rays of light are rare.
Is it worth living
For two or three minutes a day?

My friends are having fun.
One abroad
One recently returned.
All living lives.
Only I am Incarcerated
In a crazy cage
Without a past
Without a future

I entered a trap unwittingly.
There’s no way out.
the way is blocked. The chance of winning one in a million.
A death trap.
Trap planted in a military fashion.
Microphones everywhere.
Follow – up.

            by David.



Photo and quote, written and designed by Wil.

This is the link to her website.


Wil’s site touched me deeply, so much so, that I feel the need to share it with as many people as possible. Click on the link and you will be able to read what she wrote.