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The word schizophrenia in a political debate?

August 29, 2013. I opened the newspaper and imagine my surprise to see the following heading screaming at me. Schizophrenia in two state solution. I thought that the place to find an article on schizophrenia was in the Health Section of the newspaper.

To everyone out there, I am going to tell you what schizophrenia is and what it is not, once and for all.

Myth   It’s a split personality.
Fact    It’ not a split personality. These people are split from reality.

Myth   Schizophrenia is a rare condition.

Fact    It is not rare. The lifetime risk of developing schizophrenia is widely accepted to occur in around 1 in 4 families.

Myth   People with schizophrenia are dangerous.

Fact    Although the delusional thoughts and hallucinations of people with schizophrenia can lead to violent behavior, most people with the illness are neither violent nor a danger to others.

Myth   People with schizophrenia can’t be helped.

Fact    While long term treatment might be required, the outlook for schizophrenia is not hopeless. When properly treated, many people with this illness are able to enjoy life and function within their families and communities.

And how do I know all this? I did not get it from textbooks, nor from lectures or psychiatrists. I know all this because our beloved son suffered for many years from schizophrenia and I promised him that I would try to lessen the stigma associated with this illness. I vowed to help whoever needs my help because I don’t want a single mother out there to feel as lonely and uninformed as I did when our son was so ill.