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Can the parents of someone with schizophrenia maintain a balanced life>

  • As parents, we tried hard to maintain a balanced life but it was not easy. We listened to our son and were always there for him.
  • We were accepting and encouraging yet whenever we came up with new ideas, David rejected them.
  • There were times when David spoke to us for hours at a time until we felt physically battered.
  • We spoke to him with the utmost respect and tried to include him in our activities but to no avail.
  • We tried not to be patronizing.
  • We tried not to show him how upset we were.
  • Arguing with him didn’t help so we tried to refrain from doing so.
  • And more than anything else, we tried not to criticize but as we are only human, we did not always succeed. I was less successful than my late husband.

We were unable to lead regular lives. The tension in our home was palpable and most of the time I felt as if I were treading on broken glass.