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Loneliness …


  • Loneliness is the enemy of many older people. Retired seniors are at the increased risk of slipping into a depression. They tend to leave their homes less, exercise less and interact with others far less than they did previously. Many are coping with the deaths of dear friends as well. Almost one in ten senior citizens over the age of 80 have this problem. Of course there are many others who are surrounded by loving relatives and friends.

Most of us are aware of the emotional problems caused by loneliness  but, do we recognize the physical damage that can follow?

I discovered that about one tenth of all seniors only have visits from a  relative or a friend once a month so the problems of loneliness and isolation  need to be put on an equal footing with other issues associated with aging. But, how can this be done when the older population will soon exceed the rest of us in number?

All we can do until the  local authorities find a solution, is to think about reverting to the old-fashioned sense of neighborliness that was once an integral part of our lives. How? By encouraging people to check up on their elderly neighbors and acquaintances particularly during the endless, depressing winter months.

Lets ask them whether they need any food shopping done, offer to pick up their prescription medications and the best gesture of all, is to ask them over for a cup of coffee every now and then.

Lets remember at all times that ……,,,

One tree can start a forest, one smile can bring delight.

One candle wipes out darkness, one laugh can brighten your plight.

One hope can raise someone’s spirit, one touch can show you care.


One visit makes a difference, so flash many smiles and share.