Watching a loved one descend into Alzheimer’s

And then my late husband was diagosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The signs were there long before the diagosis. I had to tell our daughters and much later, our grandchildren that their Dad was changing before their eyes. Once again, our family stood together. Our daughters gave me all the support they possibly could, and this time around, I received more support from friends who seemed to handle Alzheimer’s far better than they had managed Schizophrenia. Here is a short description of the way I imagined my loving husband must be feeling.

Day after day he searches to find

Objects mislaid due to his mind.

A  mind once so brilliant and so very keen

Probing, asking, since being a teen.

It seems to me that in some strange way

His mind was dealing with long ago days.

His sentences were few and brief

This loss of memory caused him grief.

Doctors described dementia to the letter

But living it describes it better.

Sometimes things seemed almost okay

We continued to take things day by day.

I used patience plus dedication

Showed compassion without frustration.

I tried to act without rancour or blame

Knowing that tomorrow would be just the same.

Alec Sadowsky passed away in February, 2010



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