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Speaking about mental illness …

It’s never easy to speak about mental health issues so remember, it doesn’t always have to be a long conversation. There are other ways of showing support. One can send an email message. One can send a message on face book but not on the public page, of course. One can simply call and ask; ‘How are you doing?’ Small gestures like this can make a big difference.

If you think that someone is behaving differently from their usual manner of behavior, that person could be unwell so how about making it clear that you have noticed that he doesn’t seem his usual self at that time and wonder whether there is anything you can do to help. Make it clear that if your friend ever wants to talk you will be there for him or her. Or, offer practical help. Try not to avoid the subject. People with a mental health problem often mention the fact that friends and colleagues avoid them simply because they have no idea of what to say. You can ask how things have been and how they are doing, you know. They might even welcome the attention. If that person is returning to work or to your social group after a period of illness, let him know how glad you are to see him return and maybe even suggest a further chat at a later stage as it is so important to the person concerned.

People want someone to listen to and not necessarily to give advice. If you jump to conclusions and give advice, it is equivalent to not listening to that person. If you are sure that the person needs urgent help, turn to a professional for advice.

It is important to empathize but saying that you felt equally sad when your dog died, will most definitely sound like the most trivial comparison in the world. You can of course say that you have no idea what it must be like for that person as your experience cannot possibly be the same as theirs.

On no account tell that person to pull himself/herself together or that it will seem better in the morning. A  person in trouble is good at picking up body language so try not to keep glancing at your wristwatch or smartphone too often to check the time.

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Hi there to all my readers. Please forgive me if for once, I deviate from my usual topics, but I am so excited about the contents of the letter below, I want to share it. I am so excited that I am hopping about with joy. Here is the letter that I received at the of last week.

From: Andre West []
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2014 07:40
To: Jill Sadowsky
Subject: Jill Sadowsky – Dream Quest One First Writing Prize – Winter 2013-2014

February 28, 2014

Dear Jill,

Hello, Hi and look alive! I hope this letter finds you to be of good health and cheerful! On behalf of, Congratulations! You have been chosen as the First Prize Winner of the Dream Quest One Writing Contest – Winter 2013-2014! Your outstanding short story entitled, A GRAVE SURPRISE , shows exemplary qualities of a “great story”! Jill, your brilliantly written short story is most notable for its originality, character development, and its very interesting theme. In addition to adhering to the page limit, you have displayed your innate ability to dream, according to the contest rules.

You shall receive the First Writing Prize Award in the amount of xxxxx within 10 to 14 business days via PayPal electronic check. Along with your prize monies, you will be sent a Certificate of Achievement via postal mail. In addition, your winning short story has been published live online at Dare to Dream page 2, . So stop by the DreamQuestOne website to see what the world of poetry and writing is reading with fervent interest. Your literary work of art will be displayed in the Dare to Dream pages until, September 2014. So don’t forget to tell all your friends and family about your piece de resistance!

Continue striving for excellence in writing, poetry and in whatever you do in life.

Wishing you the best,

Andre L. West, Editor

P.S. I really enjoyed reading your beautifully written story, Jill. Don’t go anywhere, if you can’t take your dreams with you!

“Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn.” ~Joseph Addison

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